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Convert Values to Variables


In this tutorial, we have created two new variables and used them to replace hard-coded values. Now it is time to run the modified Process, verify the variable changes have not impacted playback, and see how the use of variables is reflected in the results.

Select Activity Call Steps

  1. Select the Set value activity in the Activities List.
  2. Make sure the Arguments tab is selected since this is where the Value input argument is defined.

Replace with New Variable

The Set value Activity Call is currently configured to populate AutoBloks in the search query. In the steps, we will easily create a new variable called Query, initialize the value to the only entered value of AutoBloks, and then update the Value input argument to use new variable.

Select Replace with New Variable from Menu

  1. Click the drop-down arrow corresponding to the Value input argument. This will present a list of options for the value.
  2. Click the Replace with New Variable menu options. This will open the Replace Value with Variable dialog.

Replace Value with Variable Steps

  1. Replace the default new variable name with the desired name Query.
  2. Note that the Value of the new variable is pre-populated to match the value that was already entered for the argument. You could optionally change the value to something else if you wanted but leave the default value for this tutorial.
  3. Optionally set a description of the new variable.
  4. Click OK to confirm the change.

The Value input argument will now have a value of {Query} to match the new variable name, and you can observe the new variable in the Variables tool window as well. The Replace with New Variable option allows you to quickly convert any hard-coded values into variables.

Save your Process before continuing since you have modified and argument and added a new variable.