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  • User-Centric Design

  • Easy Drag and Drop Operations

  • Scriptless Automation

  • Extensible by Developers (if needed)

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Product Overview

Automation should not be limited to those with coding skills. While there will always be products so complicated that a custom-built automation solution is required for success, we believe there is still a huge opportunity for less-technical users to automate significant portions of their testing process.

Our goal for AutoBloks is to build a solution that is approachable to less-technical users and can be used as a scriptless automation tool. We are not naive to believe that everything can be accomplished with a scriptless solution, so we are also building extensibility points into the application so that less-technical users can get some assistance from their more technical friends to help tackle those tough scenarios that prevent non-extensible solutions from succeeding.


We will have more to share soon! If you would like to get early access to the tool or provide feedback for the development, you can do so by joining our community on Slack. Our Slack team is invite-only, but all you need to do is e-mail us requesting access.

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