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HP announced end of life for WinRunner® a couple of years ago.  By this time, most people have migrated over to QuickTest® Professional instead.  Since TDS 3 is a total rewrite of the underlying application code, we have decided that WinRunner® support will not be part of that effort.  It simply does not make sense to spend resources on a product that HP no longer supports.

We hate to see WinRunner® go.  I personally began my automation career with WinRunner® 6.0, so it closing a chapter in my working life.  Even so, I fully understand and support HP’s decision to push a single functional testing tool, and QTP was the clear choice between the two.

Is lack of WinRunner® support going to impact you?  If so, sound off in the comments.  It’s possible we could still add basic support for opening WinRunner® scripts and TSL syntax highlighting, but advanced language support (like IntelliSense®, syntax checking, etc.), would not be available.