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DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself (Continued)

With AutoBloks 19.4, we kicked off the “DRY – Don’t Repeat Yourself” initiative with reusable user activities.  We have now extended that concept to element identification with UI Repositories.

UI Repositories

A UI Repository is a collection of Element Definitions which dictate how to identify an element.


As shown above, you can use categories to logically organize your elements.

Using Shared Element Definitions

Each UI repository is completely independent and can be referenced by multiple Processes or User Activities.  You can add as many UI Repositories as you need.


When creating your Activity Calls that work with elements, you will now have the option to locally define your elements as before or select your element from a UI Repository.


Also new in 19.5.1

While the focus was on UI Repositories, a few other enhancements have also been baked in to this release.

Search in Output Window

The Output Window can show output information about the general Run or detailed information about the Element Identification process during the run.  As the amount of information being output grows, the harder it becomes to find what you need.  By pressing CTRL+F, you can open a pane that will allow you to search within the output window.


Properties on Document Tab Context Menu

Sometimes it is the little things that add up to big usability improvements.  To make it easier to manage references to Activity Libraries and UI Repositories, the “Properties” command has been added to the context menu of the document tab for supported file types.


Full Change Log

The following is the complete change log of relevant updates for this release

  • NEW: Shared UI Repository support to organize element definitions and promote reuse
  • NEW: The Start Page has a single “New File” command with a popup for creating new instances of all supported file types now that there are too many files types for each one to have an individual button.
  • NEW: When saving a file with an extension that does not match the file type, the user will be prompted to confirm the extension.
  • NEW: Document Tab context menu for Process and Activity Library now includes a “Properties” command to easily open the properties window for that file.
  • NEW: The Error List tool window will now show the file extensions in the “File Name” column to help distinguish between different file types of the same base name.
  • NEW: Shipping WebDriver updated to latest for Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • NEW: Use “CTRL+F” in the Output tool window to easily search output.
  • CHANGED: When any error is encountered while opening a file in the Recent Files list, you will be prompted if you want to remove it from the recent list.  Previously the user was only prompted if the file was not found.
  • FIXED: Improved error handling when running a process and a web-based activity is encountered before a web browser is opened.
  • FIXED: The Element Picker was not honoring the application setting about case-sensitivity when manually adding new property conditions to an element