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While creating or debugging a Process, you typically run it multiple times to verify proper playback.  If you also have the “Open Results After Run” option enabled, the document area can quickly become cluttered with too many open results.  Most users typically don’t care about keeping these development results around for longer than a single run, but it is easy to forgot to close the results before the next run.  You can always turn off “Open Results After Run”, but then you might miss important details.

Thinking about this scenario, the ideal solution is to open the results after each run, but automatically replace those with new results on the next run.  This is exactly what Preview Results enables.

When enabled, any results after a run are opened in Preview Mode and will appear as a special tab on the right of the document tab area as shown below:


The document tab is a different color from non-preview documents and contains a special “Keep Open” button on the tab.


If you want to keep the results open, clicking the “Keep Open” button will exit Preview Mode and the results will stay open until you close them.  If you leave the results in Preview Mode and run a process again, the prior Preview Results will be automatically closed and replaced with the new results.

The Preview Results feature allows you to keep your document area clear of unwanted results while giving you full control to retain the results you need.

This setting is on by default, but can always be disabled under “Options –> Run” by clearing the “Use preview mode” setting under “Open results after run”.